Our mission is to become the best scientifically proven nutrition business in the world and to empower people to build healthier lifestyles.


We came together as a group of Cornell-trained food scientists and healthy lifestyle enthusiasts passionate about fitness, nutrition, yoga, mountain biking and more. We’ve lived all around the Pacific Rim in places like Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore, Vancouver, San Francisco and LA.

We found that when combining the best of Western nutritional science and the traditional foods such as ginger and monk fruit, we felt refreshed and full of energy every day.

We want to use these experiences to benefit your health, so we created Zenkgo - a brand that combines the best of Eastern and Western nutrition. Just like the philosophies of Zen, Zenkgo is born with the intention to offer you a balanced diet and lifestyle, while supporting your fast-paced modern lifestyle with the nutrients you need. At Zenkgo we travel the world to seek out the best ingredients, formulate our supplements with just the right nutrients your body needs, and apply the most cutting-edge nutritional science.

Through the efforts and innovations of the Zenkgo team we hope to bring revolutionary change to the vitamin and supplements industry, and to help you achieve balance and wellness.

Keep Zen and keep going,
Zenkgo’s Founding Team