5 Smart Ways to Ensure a Good Night’s Sleep

5 Smart Ways to Ensure a Good Night’s Sleep

Almost everyone knows that to stay healthy, it is vital to exercise and eat a healthy diet. The importance of these two factors in health is well known. However, there is a lack of awareness about the role of sleep in good health.

The truth is that sound sleep is as essential as exercise and diet. Many lifestyle interventions simply fail due to a lack of sufficient or good-quality sleep. Studies now show that sleep is an independent risk factor for metabolic disorders and mental health issues. For example, insufficient sleep may double the risk of diabetes and depression. This means that sound sleep can significantly lower the risk of these issues.(1)

When it comes to sleep, one needs to understand that there are two things to improve: quality and quantity. For adults, sleeping for seven to eight hours is important. However, it is also essential to have sound sleep during those seven or eight hours.

Sleep pills or sedatives are not a good way to improve sleep. These pills help increase sleep duration but disrupt sleep quality or circadian rhythm. Thus, people taking sedatives wake up not feeling fresh and even having headaches.(2)

Hence, instead of sleeping pills, one must consider natural alternatives.

Create a Consistent Sleep Schedule

Start by going to bed at a fixed time. This is essential to maintain circadian rhythm. If you sleep at a fixed time, your body starts producing specific chemicals at the same time each day. This helps reduce stress, enhance recovery, and help improve sleep quality.

A consistent sleep schedule helps reduce sympathetic activity in the evening, thus helping reduce blood pressure, relax, reduce body temperature, and promote sleep.

Practice Relaxation Techniques Before Bed

One of the reasons why many people use sleeping aids is that they are not able to counter stress and get rid of certain thoughts. One of the good ways to fall asleep is by practicing various relaxation techniques before going to bed.

It is good to have certain rituals before bed, like having a warm shower. Additionally, eliminate all the distractions from the bedroom and ensure that it is dark enough. This is what we call sleep hygiene. Meditating or practicing mindfulness before going to bed is quite helpful. Interestingly, some may also benefit from reading before going to bed.

Be Mindful of Diet and Exercise

When it comes to diet, ensure you eat a few hours before bed. Additionally, avoid excessive drinking alcohol consumption before going to bed. This is especially important for those above the age of 30.

Another effective way of improving sleep quality is exercising in the evening. One should exercise a few hours before going to bed. Do not exercise very late, as this may be counterproductive. A higher level of physical activity is known to promote sleep quality. It is good to learn various relaxation techniques.

The positive effects of regular physical activity on sleep patterns

Just remember that there is a reason why our ancestors did not have much problem with sleep. They mostly did physical tasks during the day, and by the evening, they were exhausted and slept like logs. So, remember to stay physically active throughout the day -the total amount of physical activity counts. It is insufficient to spend half an hour in a gym. One must stay physically active for a few hours a day.(3)

Consider Natural Sleep Aids

As we already said, one should avoid using medications and instead use natural sleep aids for sleep disorders. There are many natural ingredients that help improve sleep quality, help reduce stress, and promote sleep quality. One such good supplement made of natural ingredients is the Zenkgo Herbal Mood Plus Supplement. It helps reduce stress and anxiety and is also good for health due to its antioxidant content.

Seek Help for Sleep Disorders

Sometimes, it becomes important to seek medical attention for the condition. Often, sleep issues are secondary to some poorly managed physical ailment or chronic health issues. Thus, seek timely attention before sleep issue becomes a chronic problem.


Realizing that sleep is as essential as exercise and a healthy diet is vital. By sleeping for a sufficient number of hours, one can prevent even metabolic health issues and mental health problems and reduce inflammation.

However, the best way to improve sleep is through lifestyle interventions and natural means. Remember that sedatives can help you fall asleep, but they disrupt circadian rhythm and are bad for sleep quality. So, to enhance sleep quality and learn more about sleep hygiene, natural remedies like Zenkgo Mood Plus Supplement can significantly support your efforts.


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