Valerian Root: Helps with Mood and Sleep Quality

Valerian Root: Helps with Mood and Sleep Quality

Sleep disorders are on the rise. Adults need to sleep seven hours a day to stay healthy. However, this does not mean just lying in the bed. It is vital to ensure both the quality and quantity of sleep. It is essential to ensure that one has a sound sleep daily for these number of hours.

Inadequate and improper sleep is not just about feeling sleepy the next day or having headaches. New studies show that sleep disorders may increase the risk of metabolic disorders. Yes, poor sleep can increase your risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, brain disorders, and many other health conditions.

Of course, sleep pills, prescription drugs, or sedatives work pretty well. However, they have a few issues. Firstly, sleep pills are addictive and highly toxic. Secondly, though sedatives may help sleep, they disrupt sleep architecture, resulting in poor sleep quality. That is why those who take sleep pills suffer from a lack of energy, headaches, and fatigue.

Hence, to enjoy the refreshing effect of sleep, it is vital to enhance sleep quality naturally. Thus, some of the good ways to improve sleep quality are exercise, stress management, and using natural supplements like valerian root.

What is Valerian Root?

It is a root of a plant called Valeriana Officinalis. The plant naturally grows in various parts of Europe and Asia and has been naturalized in the US. It has many sub-varieties, and many differences exist between the plants.[1]

Valerian root has been used in Europe since ancient times to enhance sleep and reduce anxiety. Additionally, it is also good for relieving spasms and calm down nerves. Researchers think that most of its actions are due to its content of valerenic acids and its derivatives and valepotriates.[1,2]

Modern researchers think that it works by increasing the amount of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA, an inhibitory neurotransmitter) in the brain.[1]

Health Benefits of Valerian Root

Although valerian extract has many health effects, it is mainly used to manage mood disorders and enhance sleep quality.

Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety and stress are common problems. These issues have numerous physical signs and symptoms. An anxious mind has difficulty sleeping. The condition causes hyperactivity and even gastric distress. It appears that valerian can be especially good for calming the nerves. Valerian is particularly good for women prone to anxiety. Zenkgo Herbal Mood Plus Support contains valerian extract and other beneficial compounds, which could be a good way to stabilize mood.

Valerian is good for brain health. It helps reduce oxidative stress. It may also have a long-term impact on the brain, as it helps rewire the brain, thus altering the pattern. Interestingly, valerian is good for managing both depression and anxiety. This is because it helps normalize the brain’s activity levels.[3,4]

Helps you Sleep Better

Valerian root extract is among the most popular natural remedies for enhancing sleep quality and managing insomnia. It is good in a way that it helps without causing any toxicity or disrupting brain functions. Moreover, unlike sedatives or sleep pills, it is good for frequent and regular use. It is one of the best natural remedies for sleep disorders. It can significantly enhance sleep quality over time. It helps relax without causing significant sedation.

One of the most extensive systemic reviews analyzed data from more than 60 clinical studies. It found that valerian is quite suitable for improving sleep and mood. Moreover, it does not cause any significant side effects in any of the studies. It appears that multiple natural compounds in the root work in synergy to enhance sleep quality and help relax.[5]

How to Take Valerian Root

One must follow certain guidelines for taking valerian root for its potential sleep-supporting benefits. According to the latest evidence, a daily dose of 450–1,410 mg of whole valerian root for a duration of 4–8 weeks may help improve sleep quality.[5]

One convenient way to incorporate valerian root into your routine is through supplements like Zenkgo Herbal Mood Plus, which contains moderate amounts of this natural ingredient. Valerian root can be a valuable addition to your wellness routine.

The Bottom Line

Sleep disorders are pretty common. Perhaps most people would experience sleep issues during their lifetime. High stress and anxiety levels are among the prime causes of sleep issues. Both sleep issues and stress tend to be chronic. Thus, people need to use remedies that help them relax and sleep better and are safe for prolonged use. Hence, it is a good idea to consider something that contains valerian root extract, a time-tested remedy for stress, anxiety, and sleep issues. Zenkgo Herbal Mood Plus also contains valerian root along with other beneficial compounds.


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