The Health Benefits of Black Pepper

The Health Benefits of Black Pepper

This black gold has been the most precious spice for hundreds of years. People have loved its bitter and pungent smell that can make any food delicious. Black pepper (Piper Nigrum L.) is also a potent natural remedy.

Black pepper boosts immunity, reduces inflammation, alters enzyme systems, and more. It is also an excellent bioenhancer. It means that if black pepper is combined with other herbals, it may boost their potency. This may occur in many ways like enhanced bioavailability.1

Black pepper is rich in many useful bioactive compounds. It is an excellent source of terpenes, lignans, and different alkaloids. It is especially rich in piperine, oleoresin, essential oils, and fatty acids.1

Health Benefits of Black Pepper

Unsurprisingly, it has remained the most used spice in the world for centuries. Additionally, its use in traditional medicine and herbal supplements has been rising as science explores that adding it to natural supplements is good in multiple ways.


Has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects

In recent years, researchers have started realizing the importance of antioxidants of natural origins. These natural compounds help counter inflammation, slow down aging, and prevent chronic ailments. It means that black pepper is especially good for those living with chronic heart disease, arthritis, autoimmune conditions, and various other inflammatory states.

Boosts Nutrient Absorption

Although the global use of natural health supplements is on the rise, many people fail to benefit from health supplements. So many health supplements fail to work due to the poor bioavailability of natural ingredients.

Just take an example of curcumin. It is one of the most popular health supplements that help counter inflammation. However, studies show that curcumin has a very low bioavailability.2 Therefore, one has to enhance curcumin’s bioavailability to experience its health benefits.

Black pepper is an excellent bioenhancer. New studies show that it is quite good for boosting curcumin’s bioavailability. Thus, one recent study shows that black pepper extract or piperine may boost curcumin’s bioavailability by as many as 20 times.3

Thus, just take the example of Zenkgo Advanced Joint Support Supplement, which contains curcumin and black pepper extract. Hence, the supplement is quite good for overcoming joint pain and inflammation.

Supports Digestive Health

Black pepper has long been known to enhance digestion. Researchers now understand how it works. It can not only improve appetite but also improve digestive processes.

Studies show that black pepper boosts the production of digestive enzymes. It also increases food transit times. It may even help counter inflammation and promote local healing processes. Black pepper may even have a role in preventing mutations and, thus, tumors of the gastrointestinal tract. So, black pepper is not just a flavor enhancer but also a digestion enhancer.4

Helps with Immune Support

Black pepper has traditionally been used to manage seasonal ailments. Now, new studies show that it may work in multiple ways. It has antimicrobial activity. It can also boost and modulate immunity. It is among the potent antioxidants. Additionally, it helps lower inflammation.5

Brain Health

These days, brain disorders are on the rise. Most people are living with stress, anxiety, and depression. That is not all, neurodegenerative disorders like dementia have now become one of the leading causes of death.

Science is still unsure of why brain and mental health issues have become so common. Nevertheless, science understands that this is due to stress and environmental factors. Brain disorders are difficult to treat, and hence prevention is vital. Enhancing intake of bioactive compounds that help protect brain cells may help.

There is now increasing evidence that black pepper is good for brain health. Those who consume black pepper regularly are less likely to experience brain and mood disorders. New studies show that black pepper has strong neuroprotective properties.6

To prevent brain disorders, use supplements good for brain health regularly, as reversing brain degeneration is very challenging. Hence, it is vital to prevent the death of brain cells early enough. For example, supplements like Zenkgo Herbal Mood Plus Support, which contains multiple ingredients, including 5-HTP, are good for boosting serotonin production and mood and enhancing brain health.

The Bottom Line

It is said that let food thy medicine. If we want to overcome the epidemic of chronic health issues, it is vital to prevent them early enough. This is where food supplements have an important role to play. Food supplements like black pepper extract are safe and healthy for prolonged use. Black pepper not only has numerous health effects, but it also boosts the bioavailability of various phytocompounds. It means that black pepper is especially good when used along with other natural health supplements.


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