How does Sesamin Help us Sleep?

How does Sesamin Help us Sleep?

Sesamin is a significant nutritious compound found in sesame seeds. It is one of the highest sources of lignan in the human diet. Sesamin is designed to be a nutritional supplement to balance the overall functioning of the human body.

This plant seed extract is derived from Sesame seeds but should not be confused with sesame oil. It is a processed compound aiming to provide ultimate benefits to the body. It serves as a potential anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Sesamin is also well-known for better sleep quality. Do you wonder is sesamin good for sleep? Stick to us till the end.

Where it Comes From?

Sesamin is a fibrous compound. It is a chemical matter commonly found in plants. It is naturally present in food such as sesame seeds and has little quantity in flaxseeds, wheat bran, and whole grain.

Extracting Sesamin from sesame seeds is a complex process. The seed oil is subjected to saponification. It is the process of conversion of fat and oil into soap with the help of aqueous alkali. Then the soap is extracted by subjecting to partitioning with a different solvent. Lastly, the extracted material passes through the crystallization process to produce Sesamin.

Health benefits:

Sesamin has many potential health benefits and is even used in the form of supplements. If you want to leverage all health benefits, you need to keep a check on the quantity. Here are some notable health benefits of sesamin.

1. Liver Protection:

Sesamin can potentially control obesity. It increases lipolytic enzyme activity and minimizes the activity of lipogenic enzymes that optimally affect liver receptors to fat. This seed extract prevents the liver from collecting fats and ensures good health.

2. Lower Cholesterol:

One of the most notable sesamin benefits is lower cholesterol. A study has proven that it can control and reduce cholesterol, a risk factor for heart failure. It includes some effective compounds that help lower cholesterol, elevated triglycerides, etc.

4. Improve Hypertension:

Hypertension is world widely recognized to increase the rate of cardiovascular. The regular use of sesamin indicated the antihypertensive function. It helps in emotional control and anxiety relief by inhibiting NADPH oxidase that promotes hypertension in human beings.

5. Anti-inflammatory:

Chronic inflammation can be harmful and eventually lead to illness. Sesamin has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, which help in treating joint inflammation, scrapes, and toothache.

6. Hypoglycemic:

Sesamin supports healthy blood sugar, which is crucial for people who have diabetes. It contains pinoresinol; it is a compound that helps regulate blood sugar levels by inhibiting the action of digestive enzyme maltase.

7. Weight Loss:

The rapid increase in obesity compelled the researchers to observe this compound for weight loss. Fortunately, it showed optimal results in both animals and humans regarding obesity. However, the impact is not substantial but it decreases weight at some extent by decreasing the activity of lipogenic enzymes.

8. Fight Fatigue:

Sesamin is a widely used compound to fight fatigue. It offers multiple healthy benefits for overall optimal body functioning. This lignan compound reduces stress and fatigue to revive energy in the body.

Sesamin Benefits for Sleep

This seed extract is an advantageous compound derived from sesame seeds for clam sleep. Sesamin and sleep shares a history of impact. You can consume sesamin supplements for improved functioning of the liver and overall body. If you are wondering when to take sesamin for better sleep, take it at night as it acts an anti anxiety and improve sleep quality, reduce fatigue, stress relief, and support youthfulness.

How Sesamin helps Sleep:

Sesamin is one of the best sources of amino acids, which are essential for our body to produce serotonin and melatonin. These two hormones are crucial for regulating sleep patterns. For improved sleep, you should take sesamin at night time.


Sesamin has a pretty interesting role in the proper body functioning. It potentially augments the y-tocopherol mechanism by avoiding degradation. It increases the levels of this vitamin E. While discussing the benefits, it is inevitable to overlook side effects due to overdosing or inadequate use.

Side effect

Can sesame seeds cause allergy? Do you wonder about negative effects of sesamin? Here are some notable side effects:

  • If the recommended quantity is overlooked, it can cause blood glucose levels to drop below normal.
  • Excessive consumption can drop blood pressure to a dangerous level.
  • Fiber present in Sesamin can form a layer over the appendix. Causing bloating and pain.

Remember that Sesamin is a beneficial compound as long as you carefully follow doctor-recommended dose.

How to take Sesamin?

There is limited evidence of the average quantity of sesamin, but according to some nutritionists, oral indigestion of around 100-150 sesamin is sufficient to raise the level of Vitamin E. However, the dose can vary depending on the age and condition of the consumer. 


Sesamin is a well-known lignan compound isolated from sesame seeds. It has an important place in the field of medicine due to its high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Thanks to these properties, it benefits consumers' hearts, skin, hair, joints, and many more. However, the researchers are still up to exploring more of it.

Till then, you can take advantage of the potential benefits of sesamin by adding it to your daily diet. 

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