5 Health Benefits of Bromelain

5 Health Benefits of Bromelain

Bromelain is a group of proteolytic enzymes derived from pineapple fruit and stem. It is a fruit that is native to the Americas, though now it is grown widely in various parts of the world. American natives not only consumed pineapple fruits but also used different plant parts for their health benefits.1

Bromelain is widely used as a supplement to reduce pain and inflammation and treat various other health issues.

So, how could bromelain help in so many diverse health conditions? Well, it seems that natural enzymes like bromelain work in a number of ways. Bromelain can work as a digestive enzyme, but that is just one mechanism of action. It can also help resolve inflammation. Not only that, it may even improve the entry of medications to inflamed tissues. Additionally, it can modulate immune responses.


Although traditionally, bromelain has been used for numerous ailments or as a bromelain digestive enzyme. But, nowadays, it is mainly used to manage pain, inflammation, and digestive health issues. Some of its health benefits are:

Relieves joint pain

Using proteolytic enzymes is common in joint pains, as they help reduce inflammation. Additionally, such enzymes promote drug delivery to inflammation sites. It means that bromelain is good to use alone or in combination with other drugs.

Studies show that bromelain works in multiple ways, like it has a chondroprotective action. Additionally, it suppresses various inflammatory markers.2 It is good for a wide range of acute and chronic joint disorders. This will help in managing trauma. It is also good for treating osteoarthritis and much more.

Of course, one may use bromelain extract. However, taking bromelain extract is better than using supplements like Zenkgo advanced joint support supplement. Also, remember that bromelain in pineapple is at very low concentration, so using supplements is a better idea.

Supports digestive health

One can also use bromelain for digestion. After all, it is a proteolytic enzyme. It is particularly good for improving the digestion of a high-protein diet. Thus, taking bromelain may help prevent issues like bloating and abdominal pain if you had a barbeque or a lot of animal meat. Bromelain digestive enzyme is quite helpful in relieving certain gastrointestinal problems.

Supports Recovery from Injuries and Surgery

Minor sprains, strains, and injuries are common. Use bromelain for bruising or even more severe wounds. It helps reduce local inflammation. It may even help prevent infections due to improved local immune responses. Additionally, if taken in the early stages, it may help prevent the consolidation of inflammation, thus promoting its quick resolution. Sometimes, inflammation is more harmful. Moreover, it also has some antioxidant effects.3

Helps with Sinus (Rhinosinusitis)

Sinus problems tend to be chronic and quite challenging to treat. One of the issues is that most medications fail to reach the nasal sinus in sufficient amounts. However, studies show that bromelain can reach sinuses, suppress inflammation, and help overcome local infections. Some of its benefits are due to its ability to reduce edema and fibrinolytic activity. It also has immunostimulatory action.4

Supports Cardiovascular Health

Heart disease is not just about arterial plaques or atherosclerosis. It is mainly an inflammatory condition. There are multiple ways in which bromelain can support heart health. It reduces inflammation and edema and has blood thinning action. Additionally, it also reduces platelet aggregation. Thus, it helps keep arteries clean and blood flow to heart muscles. Therefore, it is among the excellent phytomedicines to support heart health.5

How To Take Bromelain

Of course, one can eat foods rich in bromelain. Thus, for example, eating pineapple a day would help. However, as one can guess, an apple a day is possible, but not a pineapple a day. Hence, one of the better ways to enjoy its health benefits is by using bromelain extract. For example, Zenkgo advanced joint support supplement contains bromelain, antioxidants, and other phytocompounds.

Therefore, using supplements is a better way to enjoy the health benefits of this wonderful nature’s gift. Studies show that it is quite safe and rarely causes any side effects, apart from allergies in rare instances. It is quite stable and readily absorbed from the intestines.5

The bottom line

Bromelain, derived from pineapple, is a group of enzymes with numerous health benefits. It acts as a digestive enzyme, resolves inflammation, improves medication absorption, and modulates immune responses. The benefits of bromelain include relieving joint pain, supporting digestion, aiding in injury and surgery recovery, helping with sinus problems, and supporting cardiovascular health. While consuming pineapple provides some bromelain, supplements with higher concentrations are recommended. Bromelain is generally safe with minimal side effects and easily absorbed. Overall, bromelain is a versatile natural compound that offers various health advantages.


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